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Come Party on the Porch with us in June! 

Click on the Toolkit below for ideas and information!

Do you know your next-door neighbor’s name? Those folks who just moved in across the street? Who is the person walking a cute dog past your house every morning? The family that rides bikes together every evening? Knowing your neighbors not only is a great way to make new friends, but it is shown to reduce crime. If you know your neighbors, you know when something is out of place or doesn’t seem right. The Town of Prescott Valley, for the second year, is inviting residents to Party on the Porch with us during the month of June and get to know your neighbors!

The Party on the Porch or “POP” event encourages neighbors through the entire month to host and enjoy activities that help us get to know each other. You might not have a porch, but you can open the garage, set out some chairs and tables, and enjoy a barbecue or potluck. You might have a block party with families in your immediate vicinity, including music or other performances. How about honoring the grads on your block? July 4th fireworks watch party?  Perhaps you can beat the heat with some yard water games or enjoy some corn toss. The sky’s the limit, and we encourage your creativity! 

The Town has posted a POP Toolkit on its website at The toolkit includes neighborhood crime prevention and other police information, and resources from Town departments such as Public Works, Police and Community Development. Be especially sure to check out the activities suggested by the Prescott Valley Community Services Department to get your POP popping!

During the month of June, the Town invites you to be creative in getting to know your neighbors by hosting one or more events, or creatively getting to know your neighbors, and then posting photos of the fun on the Town’s Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages using hashtag #PVPOP. 

Feel free to invite Town staff from our Guest Speakers Bureau to your party to talk about anything from street improvements to water information. Check out our guest speaker list on the website at For Town department representatives, please call Dominique Lucas at 928-759-3102 or email If you would like police personnel to come and speak at your event, please call 928-772-9261.  For a CAFMA firefighter or personnel, call 928-772-7711. 

For more information on Party on the Porch, please email or call 928-759-3123.

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