Court Records Request

Anyone may request a copy of an unsealed case on file with the Prescott Valley Magistrate Court in Yavapai County. This court adheres to the provisions of Arizona Supreme Court Rule 123, Access to Judicial Records of the State of Arizona. Pursuant to Rule 123, public access to some court records may be redacted, restricted or expanded in accordance with the provision of the rule, or other provisions of law.

A request form must accompany your request. It can be submitted in person or via email: . Requests received via email will receive a confirmation response within 48 hours, not including weekends and/or holidays. Requests made over the phone will require the same information contained on the request form. Please include all relevant information as accurately as possible. The court will contact you regarding any details and / or costs associated with your inquiry.

The following fees may be associated with your request, if applicable. Payment must be received prior to your request being processed. The records will be available within two (2) business days.

Minimum Clerk Fee: $17.00 per request or per case
Search/locate File Fee: $17.00 per request 
Duplication (Certification) Fee: $17.00 per case
Copy Fee: $0.50 per page 
Audio Recording: $5.00 per Trial/Hearing

The court follows a record retention schedule structured by the State of Arizona Supreme Court.