Memorial Tree Program

The Memorial Tree Donation Program (PDF) offers you a unique way to remember a loved one and create a lasting legacy.

The Memorial Tree Donation Program lets you remember a loved one in a very special way-by planting a tree in his or her honor in one of the Town's parks. Your loved one will not only be remembered, but you'll be helping your community at the same time. As an added remembrance of your loved one, a plaque can be installed by the tree. The Memorial Tree and plaque will be purchased from funds donated in your loved one's name.

A Memorial Tree

Memorial Tree Site

The Town has designated areas for tree placement in consideration of the following conditions:

  • Available adequate irrigation
  • Proper growing space available for the newly planted tree in the park
  • Existing and future maintenance considerations for the newly planted tree

Memorial Tree Species

Trees best suited to our parks system are typically Ash trees. However, you can pick from a variety of trees including:

  • Arizona (Modesto) Ash
  • Arizona Cypress
  • Chitalpa
  • Deodar Cedar
  • Desert Willow
  • Walnut Ash

The minimum size of the tree is 24-inch box.

Memorial Tree Planting

Memorial Trees can be planted year-round, depending on tree availability and weather conditions. Trees are typically planted during regular parks maintenance business hours Monday through Friday*. Town staff will plant the tree and install the plaque then notify you when and where the tree was planted. Please feel free after that time to plan a site visit or hold a private dedication ceremony.

The tree will become a part of the Town's tree inventory and will be maintained by the Town. Memorial trees may be replaced in the future if necessary.

*Weekend tree planting can be scheduled by appointment.

A group of people planting a Memorial Tree

Starting the Memorial Tree Donation Process

To start the Memorial Tree planting process, you will need to complete a Memorial Tree Donation Program Application. Once your completed application and donation is received by the Town, the funds will be deposited into the Memorial Tree Program account in your loved one's name. A letter confirming the donation will be sent to the donor.

For consistency throughout our parks system, plaques will be purchased through a local Prescott Valley business. The plaque is molded in bronze with a brown background and double line edging. You can select either a 5 inch by 7 inch or 8 inch by 10 inch size plaque.* The plaque will take approximately 6 to 8 weeks to be completed.

After the plaque is completed, you will be contacted by the Parks Supervisor to discuss tree selection and planting site.

The cost of the Memorial Tree Donation Program is as follows:

  • Tree only: $300
  • Tree with 5 inch by 7 inch plaque: $475
  • Tree with 8 inch by10 inch plaque: $625

*Special arrangements can be made for custom plaques. Prices may vary according to current market.

Applications are available either at the Parks and Recreation Office located at 7501 East Civic Circle, Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thank you for considering the Memorial Tree Program.

Memorial Tree Site Locations

  • American Legion Park, 8569 East Yavapai Road
  • Antelope Park, 6933 North Cattletrack Road
  • Community Center Park, 9360 East Manzanita Circle
  • George Andersen Park, 9500 East Superstition Drive
  • Mountain Valley Park, 8600 East Nace Lane
  • Sunflower Park, 7240 North Sunflower Lane
  • Tonto Park South, 4050 North Tonto Way
  • Tonto Park North, 4700 North Tonto Way
  • Viewpoint Park, 7301 East Park Ridge Drive

Tree City U.S.A.

The Town of Prescott Valley was named a Tree City U.S.A. in April, 2006. We celebrate Arbor Day annually. Please plan to join us!