Traffic Section

Police Traffic Unit

The Traffic Section’s primary focus is to create a safe and expedient flow of vehicle and pedestrian traffic in the Town of Prescott Valley through citizen education.

The Traffic Section is supervised by Sergeant Rob Brown. Officers assigned to the Traffic Section enforce speed limits and other traffic laws, investigate traffic accidents, and perform select traffic enforcement details, such as commercial vehicle inspections and Driving Under the Influence saturation patrols.

Sergeant Rob Brown

Sergeant Rob Brown has worked with the Prescott Valley Police Department for his entire nearly 20 years in law enforcement. He began in Patrol, then became a motorcycle officer for nine years. He served in SWAT for six years, two of them as sergeant, and worked in criminal investigations for three years.

Sergeant Brown began the department’s vehicle impound program, has instructed at the Northern Arizona Regional Training Academy (NARTA) and oversees the PVPD K9 program. He also has served with the Family Violence Unit, and writes the Department of Highway Safety grants each year that provide PVPD with money for DUI, speed and child safety enforcement. He has overseen four DUI roadblocks in Prescott Valley during his career. He is a traffic accident reconstructionist, oversees Drug Recognition enforcement, and does commercial truck enforcement.

Sgt. Brown has a passion for traffic enforcement because traffic issues generate the highest number of complaints to the Prescott Valley Police Department, and the most injuries. “Traffic enforcement is very important,” he says. “It keeps our community safer."

Rob Brown

Sergeant Rob Brown

If you have a traffic-related question, wish to request traffic enforcement in your neighborhood Sergeant Rob Brown may be contacted at 928-772-5103 or via email.

Special Thanks

Prescott Valley Police Department extends a special thank you to the Governor's Office of Highway Safety for their support and assistance for our traffic enforcement efforts through funding of traffic-related safety grants.

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