STOP Violence Against Women Grant

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The Prescott Valley Police Department Family Violence Unit (FVU) is part of the Criminal Investigations Division which came into existence in 2009 after our agency was awarded funding from the Governor's GOCYF STOP Grant. The grant allowed us to hire a Detective and a CSO Victim Assistant to better address the needs of our community in regards to victims of violent crimes including Domestic Violence and Sexual Assaults.

Over the last few years, the FVU has made great strides in how our agency responds to crimes against victims and has been a leader in creating a coordinated community response to these crimes.

Grant Focus
The STOP Violence Against Women Grant provides systematic and sustained focus on permanent systems change within our criminal justice system, while simultaneously developing a comprehensive network of domestic violence and sexual assault victim service advocates and programs throughout Arizona’s communities. The grant mandates collaboration between these systems, and specifically targets law enforcement, prosecution, courts, and victim service providers to address a coordinated community response as a solution to non-profit agencies and units of local government to develop:
  • Specialized Domestic Violence and/or Sexual Assault Training
  • Development and support of specialized law enforcement/prosecution units
  • Development of police and prosecution policies and protocols
  • Data collection and communication systems linking police, prosecutors, and the courts
  • Strengthening of domestic violence and sexual assault victim service programs in rural or under-served areas
The grant also helps the Prescott Valley Police Department Family Violence Unit's efforts involving:
  • Strengthening of programs specifically addressing stalking, strangulation, dating violence and sexual assault
  • Developing and enhancing programs addressing the special needs of Indian Tribes in dealing with violent crimes against women
  • Supporting of statewide, multidisciplinary efforts, to coordinate the response to violent crimes against women, including crimes of sexual assault, domestic violence and dating violence
  • Training of sexual assault forensic medical personnel examiners in the collection and preservation of evidence, analysis, prevention and providing expert testimony and treatment of trauma related to sexual assault
  • Developing and strengthening programs addressing the needs of older and disabled women who are victims of domestic violence or sexual assault
  • Providing assistance to victims of Domestic Violence and sexual assault in immigration matters