Election Information

Elected Offices
The Prescott Valley Town Council is comprised of the Mayor and 6 Council Members. The Mayor and Council members are elected from the town at large to 4-year terms. To avoid having all the Council seats expire in the same year, council terms are staggered with the Mayor and 2 Council Members elected at one election and the other 4 Council Members are elected 2 years later.

Prescott Valley Mayor and Council elections are held in August of even-numbered years. If no candidate for an office receives a majority of the votes cast for that office in the August election, a runoff election is held in November between the 2 candidates receiving the most votes.

The next regularly scheduled election in Prescott Valley will be the Primary Election held in August 30, 2016 and General (runoff) Election in November 8, 2016 in accordance with ARS 16-204(e).
Non candidate elections including a special election to fill a vacancy or a recall election may only be held on any of the consolidated election dates in March, May, the tenth Tuesday before the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November or the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.  Notwithstanding any other law, an election must be held on this date for the approval of an obligation or other authorization requiring or authorizing the assessment of secondary property taxes by a county, city, town, school district, community college district or special taxing district, except as provided by title 48. (ARS 16-204(f).

Election of Mayor & Council
The Mayor and Council members shall be elected from the Town at-large, pursuant to the election procedure specified in ordinances which are adopted according to law.

Assuming Duties of Office
The Mayor and Council members shall assume the duties of the office at the regularly scheduled Council meeting next following the date of the canvass of the vote of the general election at which, or effective as of the date of which, the Mayor and Council members were elected.

Qualified Elector
A qualified elector is deemed to be any person whose name appears on the register for the last preceding general election, or who has registered subsequently, and is otherwise qualified.

Nomination Petitions
Mayor or Council Member
At least 5% of the total vote cast in the last preceding election for an elected official of the town (Based on March 2013 Election. 
Final Election Results
Additional Information
For additional election information, please contact:
Town of Prescott Valley - Town Clerk's Office
7501 E Civic Circle
Prescott Valley, AZ 86314

Phone: 928-759-3028
Phone: 928-759-3135