Block Watch

Block Watch is one of the best property crime deterrents in which any neighborhood could participate. Studies have shown that active Block Watch programs can reduce property crimes up to 70%! Typically, neighbors get together and form a "partnership" with the police, all the while establishing friendships and learning valuable tips on how to reduce crime in their neighborhood.

Block Watch captains function as liaisons with the Police Department, receiving updated information on crime trends and, in turn, passing the information on to their neighbors. Meanwhile, the department supplements their activities by providing street signs and window posters identifying the neighborhood as a Block Watch area.

Sign Up

The best way to success is to get the word out among your immediate neighbors and generate interest in starting a Block Watch. You don't need a large number of residents. If you live in a cul-de-sac, it could be as few as 4 neighbors who would comprise your Block Watch. On a regular street, we like to see 10 to 15 neighbors participating. Set-up meetings are preferably held weekdays after dinner at someone's home or backyard.

For further information please contact the Sergeant responsible for your respective district. Let him know some times and dates that will work for you and group and the initial Block Watch meeting should only take about an hour and a half.

District Sergeants