Family Violence Unit

The Prescott Valley Police Department Family Violence Unit (FVU) is committed to the provision of quality services to victims, survivors and witnesses of criminal family violence events, in addition, to persons involved in non-criminal crisis circumstances.


The Prescott Valley Police Department FVU is responsible for responding to and conducting follow up investigations on misdemeanor and felony offenses committed in domestic relationships. All domestic cases investigated by the FVU are reviewed to check prior domestic violence history and to identify potentially volatile situations. This information is shared with the prosecutors and judges to assist with sentencing and probation decisions.

Team Members

The Prescott Valley Police Department FVU is part of the Criminal Investigations Division, overseen by Sergeant Mike Morris and Lieutenant James Gregory. The current unit members include:
  • Detective Jennifer Watson
  • CSO Marie Yogerst
  • Administrative Asst Hazel Bossler
The FVU Personnel work closely with victims, Yavapai County Attorney Victim Services and other service providers in a collaborative effort to improve service to victims of domestic violence.
Family Violence Unit Ribbon
The Family Violence Unit presents classes to officers, educators, health care workers, community members, and Citizen Police Academy students to provide them with the tools to recognize, understand, and work with people involved in domestic violence situations.


  • Investigate domestic violence, stalking, sexual assault, and dating violence, including strangulation cases.
  • Assist victims in developing safety plans and accessing appropriate resources.
  • Conduct domestic violence warrant arrests.
  • Liaison and support patrol.
  • Prepare and execute search warrants.
  • Facilitate the monthly Coordinated Community Response Team meetings which include various partner agencies dedicated to addressing family and dating violence by advocating empathy, respect, education and resources for the people of Yavapai County.
  • Provide relevant training for law enforcement personnel, college and high school students, and other community partners.

Lethality Assessment Tool

The Family Violence Unit has recently implemented a Danger or Lethality Assessment tool which is intended to provide victims as well as justice personnel a better picture of the level or severity of risk a victim may be facing in their particular situation.

Victim Self-Assessment Tool

How to get help or obtain more information

We understand that getting help or leaving an abusive relationship is not always easy, but if you or someone you know have questions or need help, please contact Detective Jennifer Watson at 928-772-5135, or Community Service Officer Marie Yogerst at 928-772-5186. You may also reach us by calling the Police Dispatch Center at 928-772-9267. For emergencies, always call 911.